Allen & Lori

A message from Allen & Lori Felker

I had an idea and want to see how this plays out. I think that having all the different groups of car clubs and collectors together in one location will create an amazing collection that cant be matched by any other Auto show. There will be something for everyone.

VITV’s Annual Event

VITV may be our company but we feel that having a private organized event is better to deliver you the decisions and ability to bring local charities together rather than one event and all it’s proceeds going to that one beneficiary or charity. We are a community and will do our best ot make sure we support local businesses when making purchases for the event.


Lori and I have lived in Nanaimo since 1992 and love Nanaimo. We want to see it’s festivals and events grow to be on par with other similar communities. We welcome your ideas and input.

Allen Felker

Founder & CEO of VITV

Allen has been operating VITV for 12 years and has been doing interviews for Global TV BC for 4 years.

Lori Felker

Co-Founder of VITV

Lori has been working at VITV for 12 Years. Camera Operator and Financial advisor


Register your Auto in Support of Local Charities and make Nanaimo the go to City for Auto shows.

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