Press release:

WHEEL-O-RAMA offers a variety of wheeled autos and family fun activities related to the Auto industry. Allen and Lori Felker have been taking in Auto shows all up and down Vancouver island and the one thing they kept hearing was why doesn’t someone create a show that has everything on wheels and make it family friendly. After a few years of waiting and wondering in November of 2016 Lori decided it was time to make this happen. Allen and Lori put it out there on social media and the response was very positive. “When I usually think of a plan I get a a few friends saying that were crazy I wouldn’t do that but with this idea it has been very positively received.” said Allen Lori takes care of the sales marketing and Allen does the videos to promote the show and meets with organizers and organizations to make the show amazingly different. Some of the kids event include, Hot Wheels races, Transformer station, Green Machine big wheeled trike races for kids 50lbs and under, also the big kids versions for kids 180lbs and under, Fan belt toss, Tire toss, Creeper races,


You can grab the WHEELORAMA Poster by downloading it here wheelorama 8.5 x 14 poster PDF